Show Some Love to Yourself and Others

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples; everyone can celebrate. This sweet tradition is about spreading love with family and friends and taking time to show love and appreciation for yourself as well. No matter how you choose to spend it, we have a guilt-free guide to indulging in love this Valentine’s Day.


Take Care of Your Body

It’s been said that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself and loved ones to a special meal that is flavorful and satisfying. Breakfast, lunch or dinner – you can make it fancy or keep it classic. Here are some delicious ways to win over anyone’s heart.

  1. Whip up delicious heart-healthy recipes.
    February 14 is a great reminder to do everything you can to protect your heart, including heart disease. Cover all your heart-healthy bases with the right nutrients.
  2. Make an edible fruit bouquet.
    Create an edible fruit bouquet that’s delicious and gorgeous using your own fresh fruits. Follow this step-by-step guide on How to Make Edible Fruit Bouquet Arrangements
    . This is a great way to create a fun gift for anyone special in your life, including yourself. The best part is that it can be created for $25 or less.  
  3. Make heart-healthy smoothies.
    Keep it simple and make some yummy Valentine’s Day smoothies. You can transform smoothie recipes to meet your dietary needs, and it’s a great way to boost your fruit and vegetable intake. Try out heart health recipes like Bluey Smoothie or Summer Breeze Smoothie. [2, 3] According to the U.S. Department of Health, Americans do not meet the recommended amount of vegetable intake by almost 90% and fruit intake by 80%, which can lead to an increased risk of chronic diseases.
    is a great resource for recommended nutrient consumption and offers a quiz to determine a healthy eating routine that is personalized for you.[4, 5]
  4. Share a (Hershey’s) kiss with a friend.
    If you’re a chocolate lover, grab some kisses to share with friends or family. There are several wonderful new flavors for Valentine's Day, so check your favorite store’s shelves for Strawberry Ice Cream Cone, Lava Cake, Cookies 'N' Creme, Special Dark Chocolate and many more.

    Dark chocolate is also a rich source of antioxidants, and research suggests that in moderation, it’s beneficial for improving brain function.[6] Hershey’s also makes sugar-free chocolates, so you can still satisfy your sweet tooth while watching your glycemic levels.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Being kind to yourself can help recharge and refuel your mental health. Make time for what matters most to you and strive to have a calm, easy-going day.

  1. Watch some feel-good movies.
    Grab the popcorn, get a comfortable pair of slippers and cozy up on the couch. It’s the perfect time of year to indulge in some feel-good movies and mentally unwind. No matter what your love life looks like, there is a good chance you can find your perfect movie match. Check out these time-tested Valentine’s Day hits:
    • Casablanca, Love Story
    • When Harry Met Sally
    • Sleepless in Seattle
    • My Best Friend’s Wedding
    • An Affair to Remember
    • It Happened One Night
    • The Notebook
  1. Relax with a good book.
    There’s nothing like getting lost in the pages of a great book. Need a book? No problem! Visit your library, go to a local thrift shop or check to see if your community center has a book exchange. In today’s virtual world, you can also now access libraries of virtual books and audiobooks online through your mobile device, tablet or computer. As an alternative, try listening to a podcast.
  1. Get out and about.
    Why not make time to check out local cities or towns within your state that you’ve never visited? There are numerous charming towns in every state that have great lunch spots and intriguing budget-friendly attractions.

    You can also take a daytime leisure trip to a mall or outlet mall. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guide says that malls are perfect places to get in your steps while improving your health and mood.[7] Many retailers are also now offering special hours for older shoppers to limit COVID-19 exposure.

Share Your Love

Valentine’s Day is all about love and warm feelings. What better way to celebrate than devoting time to connecting with others? 

  1. Make plans with friends.
    Having something to do on Valentine’s Day is a great way to keep your mind busy and boost your energy. With a circle of friends and family, plan a lunch or activity together. You can also express your love and safely social distance by reaching out via Zoom or something similar. Oftentimes, hanging with friends can bring laughter, which is known to provide multiple benefits that enhance your health.[8]
  1. Ready, set, play.
    If you’re looking for a lively way to celebrate the day, there are endless online programs, events and games that you can access from anywhere. Check your local parks and recreation department’s website for options. If it’s an event, make sure to reserve your spot in advance.

    According to the National Institutes of Health, online gaming is also a great way to improve mental stimulation in older adults, including reaction time, memory, attention span and multitasking.[9] There is a large collection of online games for seniors that include puzzles, logic games, cards and more. Here are a few gaming sites for jigsaw puzzles, chess, scrabble, solitaire, treasure hunt, mahjong, word games and crosswords. Try out several and see what you enjoy.
  1. Do a random act of kindness.
    There are many ways to commemorate the day and do something thoughtful for others. Craft homemade cards for servicemen and women, neighbors, family members, those in hospice or nursing homes, etc. Create valentine bookmarks for someone you love, or make a valentine bird feeder heart and show your local wildlife some love. Even small gestures can brighten someone’s day.

In whatever ways you decide to celebrate the season of love, be sure to spread love while focusing a little on yourself as well. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can elevate your health, both physically and mentally.


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