Medications by Mail: Safe, Convenient and Cost-Effective

If you take medications on a regular basis for a chronic condition – often referred to as maintenance medications – you may be able to benefit from having your prescription drugs delivered to you from a mail order pharmacy. Getting your medications from a reputable mail order pharmacy, such as Elixir Pharmacy, is safe, convenient and likely to save you money.

In addition, it’s a popular option for many Americans. According to one study, nearly 26 million adults used mail order in 2018[1], and since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, that number has likely increased at least threefold. If you aren’t among them, here are some great reasons to consider getting your medications by mail.


Mail order pharmacies employ pharmacy technicians and licensed pharmacists, both of whom are able to focus on filling prescriptions – not answering phones and helping customers, as they usually have to in retail settings. Once medication orders are prepared, licensed pharmacists check them to ensure they are correct. Then, every order is shipped in plain, tamper-evident packaging, so you can be sure your medication information is private and secure. Also, opting for mail order allows you to avoid stores and crowded places, minimizing your risk of exposure to infectious diseases such as the flu and COVID-19.



We all know there’s no place like home, especially during a pandemic. And, with winter approaching, many of us have yet another reason to stay inside. So, instead of venturing out to the pharmacy, let your medications come to you. No warming up the car or waiting in line required!

What is typically required, though, are prescriptions for 90-day supplies of medications. So if your current prescriptions are for 30-day supplies, which is common for filling at retail pharmacies, your doctor will have to write new prescriptions. To make that process easy for you, Elixir Pharmacy can contact your doctor on your behalf to get your prescriptions updated.

Once you have prescriptions for 90-day supplies, you’ll only need to refill your medications four times a year rather than every single month, which lowers your risk of missing doses. You can also opt for automatic refills, so you can always have the medications you need on hand.


Cost Effectiveness

Another huge benefit of using mail order pharmacies, such as Elixir Pharmacy, is that copays are often lower for 90-day prescriptions. That means your out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions by mail could be a lot less compared to what you pay when you fill your prescriptions every month at retail pharmacies.

So if you’re taking prescription medications, consider getting them sent to you. Standard shipping is always free from Elixir Pharmacy. To get started, visit and select REGISTER NOW.*


[1] Do, Duy, PhD; Geldsetzer, Pascal, PhD. Trends in Mail-Order Prescription Use among U.S. Adults from 1996 to 2018: A Nationally Representative Repeated Cross-Sectional Study. September 23, 2020.


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